High energy prices, price volatility or liquidity bottlenecks challenge consumers, industry and especially energy suppliers - on a municipal as well as on a European level. Margining is therefore currently a frequently discussed topic. It is about depositing collateral when trading on the exchange. ECC takes over the clearing and creates stability and predictability in these highly dynamic times. So what role do margins play, what forms of margins are there and how can liquidity difficulties be avoided?

    EEX offers an intensive workshop and Q&A on exchange-based energy trading and clearing for the audit and consulting industry in this regard in order to support them in advising their clients. In addition, documents will be provided which enable a company-specific treatment of the topic.

    The digital event will be rounded off by a background discussion with Q&A between participants and experts. 

    Time and Date

    11 October 2022, 11 a.m.

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    More information

    Götz Dittrich, COO of ECC, already provides a first insight into the calculation of margins and how ECC can advise its customers here:

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