Registry services by EEX Group

    Under appointment from the French State, EEX operates the National Registry for Energy Savings Certificates and the National Registry for Power Guarantees of Origin including the provision of auctions.

    Grexel Systems is the leading provider for energy certificate registries in Europe. They provide registry services to all energy carriers listed in Renewable Energy Directive II (hydrogen, electricity, gases as well as heating and cooling). Their registry solutions are also used for CO2 removal. Today their solutions are used by 18 registries in 15 countries.

    EEX Group offers registry services
    in 13 countries. 

    Registry Services


    For more information on Registry Services by EEX Group, please contact the Powernext team.

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    European Energy Exchange AG

    EEX offers contracts on Power and Emission Allowances as well as Freight and Agricultural Products.

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    Grexel Systems ltd.

    Grexel is the leading energy certificate registry provider in Europe.

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