EEX actively supports the development of carbon pricing mechanisms worldwide. For instance in China, EEX is working in cooperation with local partners, with a view to facilitating access to the Chinese carbon market.


    EEX has a strong customer focus and provides individual assistance through its account managers in Leipzig, London, Paris, Milan, Oslo, Madrid, Prague and Chicago.


    EEX and IncubEx work together to develop and expand global environmental and commodity markets.


    Why trade
    environmentals on EEX?

    Primary Market

    • Leading primary auction platform for emission allowances under the EU ETS, whereby 90% of the allowances are sold on behalf of the EU Member States
    • More than 2,000 emissions auctions successfully conducted
    • Streamlined physical allowance delivery process with efficient direct interface to participant firms
    • Same-day physical transfer via registry transfer available
    • Seamless connection to secondary market products
    • M7 Auction System: Secure and reliable auction system with an established track record of performance

    Secondary Market

    • Join a growing community of customers trading European emissions on EEX
    • Comprehensive product suite including secondary spot, futures and options contracts
    • Competitive transaction fees and schemes
    • Tight bid-ask spreads by several market makers
    • State-of-the-art trading infrastructure, including the Eurex T7 matching engine and advanced trading functionalities of the EEX Trading Technologies (TT) screen
    • Multiple connectivity solutions – most major ISVs are supported (Trayport, Trading Technologies, Fidessa, Fastfill, etc.)
    • Straight Through Processing (STP) Trade Registration for all major brokers
    • Capital efficiencies through cross-margining when trading emissions alongside other EEX Group commodities

    During the last two decades, evolving regional environmental policies have shaped new markets and created new segments for sustainable products and services. These markets span across renewable energy, carbon, renewable fuels and pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

    Renewable energy generation is increasing across geographies and is attracting an increasing number of diverse market participants, expanding green finance and creating new trading opportunities. The physically-settled environmental contracts offered on Nodal Exchange allow participants to fulfill regulatory compliance obligations while also benefiting from advanced risk management solutions and improved operational efficiency during the delivery process.

    Nodal Exchange, in cooperation with IncubEx, aims to develop and offer products and services that best meet the growing and evolving needs of the North American environmental markets.


    Auction Calendar

    Customers with short positions must submit the respective number of allowances to ECCs registry account one day after expiration (E+1).

    Auction Calendar 2021

    Sales IncubEx

    EEX and IncubEx work together to develop and expand global environmental and commodity markets.

    +44 203 965 2000 (GB) +1 312 464 9801 (US)

    Clearing Services

    European Commodity Clearing (ECC) provides clearing services for EEX, EEX Asia and EPEX SPOT in addition to further partner exchanges.

    +49 341 24680 444 > to ECC Website

    Nodal Clear

    Nodal Clear provides clearing services for EEX Group in North America.

    +1 703 962 9800 > to nodal clear website