Market platforms for energy and commodity products

    EEX Group offers energy and commodity products and provides market platforms for trading in power, natural gas, environmentals, freight, metals and agriculturals as well as subsequent clearing and registry services. It provides access to a network of more than 750 trading participants across the world. EEX Group has 17 locations worldwide and is part of Deutsche Börse Group. #GoingGlobal



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    Annual Report 2020

    We believe in building markets together

    „We reconfirmed our position as the number one exchange group in power trading worldwide, we retained our position as Europe’s leading gas spot exchange and became a major global force in freight trading. Most importantly, in a year when the entire world has had to adapt to working alongside a global pandemic, we were able to support our customers through this time of exceptional change.“

    Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX


    To Annual Report 2020

    Foundation of Success

    Our achievements are not accidental, but rather the result of our shared values and beliefs.

    The Group pursues the strategic aim of developing into the global commodities trading platform of choice over the coming years based on its market position as an energy exchange with a global presence.


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    Customer Benefits

    EEX Group in Europe, Asia and North America

    EEX Group’s established presence in Europe, Asia and North America ensures that it is ideally placed to promote and grow liquidity in the commodities sector worldwide. Through an extensive network of traders and brokers, as well as a technical and regulatory offering, EEX Group enables market participants across all time zones to easily and efficiently access the benefits of the group’s trading and clearing services.

    EEX Group provides local expertise and ensures close customer contact across 16 locations worldwide.

    EEX Group locations

    1   Leipzig (HQ) | 2   Amsterdam | 3   Berlin | 4   Bern | 5   Brussels | 6   Copenhagen  | 7   Helsinki | 8   London | 9   Luxembourg  | 10   Milan  | 11   Paris | 12  Prague  |13   Singapore | 14  Vienna | 15 Madrid  | 16  Washington, D.C.