EEX Group runs a group-wide innovation platform which connects and drives ideas, people, and market research - both internally and externally. We are actively seeking players in the fields of finance, commodities, and trading – whether they are start-ups, researchers, or more established businesses.

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    EEX Group and startups –
    our cooperation with SpinLab

    As part of our own innovation platform and as an active partner of the Leipzig-based start-up incubator SpinLab, we are always looking for inspirational start-ups in our field which share the same spirit to collaborate with.

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    EEX Group & research – our long-standing commitment to scientific excellence

    Since 2010, EEX has been honouring outstanding works in the field of science through the EEX Group Excellence Award. This award honours outstanding research papers that explore current political, regulatory, technical, or economic questions in energy and commodity products. Of course, this includes exchange trading and sustainability.

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    EEX Group - Excellence Award