EEX Transparency Platform

    The EEX Transparency Platform is the central inside information platform (IIP) which fulfills disclosure obligations as required by REMIT.

    Inside Information Platform Mandatory

    Since 1st January 2021, market participants active in the power and natural gas markets must report their inside information through an IIP to ensure effective disclosure. Even in backup cases, disclosure on the company's own website is not considered sufficient.

    Our Service

    • Effective and timely publicationof data on acentral  IIP
    • Automatic data forwarding to ACER and, if additionally required, to NRAs and ENTSO-E
    • Efficient and easy reporting via the EEX Inside Information Messenger (browser-based) or directly via our web service API

    Your Benefits

    • Approved by ACER as an IIP and Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM)
    • REMIT 2.0 ready and high availability including backup solution
    • Secure and certificate-based solutions
    • Technical validation andchecks ensure highest data quality
    • Approved third party provider for ENTSO-E

    EEX Inside Information Messenger (IIM) for Reporting of Inside Information

    The IIM is a browser-based, easy-to-use reporting tool for market participants to fulfill their REMIT obligations. It can be used as your standard reporting tool or as a backup solution for your existing back office reporting solution.

    • publication of facility & business related inside information
    • compliant with REMIT and MAR  

    Demo: EEX IIM functionalities

    Watch the demo and find out how easy it is to use the Inside Information Messenger.


    Notice: To activate the video, please click on the picture. Please note that after activation your data will be forwarded to YouTube.

    EEX Transparency Platform

    For more information, please contact the Transparency Services team.

    +49 341 2156 233

    The EEX Transparency Platform is Regulatory approved:

    • ACER IIP including backup solution
    • ACER Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM)
    • Third Party ENTSO-E data provider
    • National Regulatory Authority (NRA) data provider

    EEX Transparency Platform

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