Our Mission: A Pan-European Power Market

    As part of EEX Group, EPEX SPOT aims to create a pan-European power market – and sharing our expertise and assets by servicing other power exchanges helps to realize this mission.


    EPEX SPOT offers the following services to market operators across the continent:

    Market Operation Services

    • Implementation of EPEX SPOT proven trading systems ETS and M7
    • Operational support through our experienced Market Operation teams
    • Training of staff

    Market Coupling Services

    • Adaptation of pan-European market coupling solutions
    • Joint local implementation
    • Operational support through our experienced teams


    Our Current Services in Europe



    Market Operations


    Market Coupling

    • HUPX (Hungary)
    • SEEPEX (Serbia)
    • 4M Market Coupling (Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia) – 2014-2021
    • SEMOpx and I-SEM (Ireland)


    Central and South-Eastern Europe

    Market Operations for HUPX and SEEPEX

    EPEX SPOT supports its Hungarian partner HUPX by providing transparent and reliable reference prices for the local Day-Ahead market.

    EPEX SPOT provides market operation services to South-East European Power Exchange SEEPEX. In this context, EPEX SPOT manages the Day-Ahead trading in Serbia and holds 25% of the shares in SEEPEX .

    Both cooperative efforts are intended to strengthen the European trading and clearing systems – with a focus on the continuing integration of the Eastern European power market.


    4M Market Coupling

    From 2014 to mid-2021, EPEX SPOT has operated the 4M Market Coupling on behalf of the local power exchanges, which connected the Day-Ahead markets of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. In so doing, EPEX SPOT enabled the members of these national power exchanges to trade power across borders.

    In June 2021, the 4M Market Coupling was coupled with the Multi-Regional Coupling of the Single European Day-Ahead Coupling.



    Ireland and Northern Ireland had to restructure their electricity markets as a result of the new EU Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM).

    Following a tender by the Irish transmission system operators EirGrid and its affiliate SONI for the operation of the Integrated Single Electricity Market in Ireland (I-SEM), EPEX SPOT and its clearing house ECC were selected as their partners. They supported EirGrid and SONI in setting up the new local power exchange SEMOpx, as well as assisting with Day-Ahead and Intraday markets, market coupling, clearing and settlement activities.