On 15th June 2000, over 20 years ago, the first trade was executed on a small power exchange based in Leipzig. This is where everything started.

    Over the past twenty years, we have massively increased our product range, trading volume and number of participants. Today, we operate energy and commodity markets across the globe and serve customers in Europe, Asia and North America. For the third year running, we are the number one exchange group in power trading and aim to establish EEX Group as the preferred global commodity exchange. We just reached another milestone also becoming the number one exchange in the global freight market.


    Facts & Figures: From a local power exchange to a global commodity exchange - take a look on our facts and figures and our achievements from the last 20 years.

    Our Milestones

    Twenty-year anniversary

    Integration of Powernext and Gaspoint Nordic into EEX AG (as of 1 January 2020)

    EEX takes over 100% of the shares in British software company KB Tech Ltd.

    EEX world market leader (in open interest) in Freight Trading for the first time

    Nodal becomes the largest Power Exchange in the USA for the first time

    EEX extends trading on the Power Derivatives Market to 20 European market areas with the addition of Slovenia, Bulgaria and Serbia

    Acquisition of the commodity business of Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) and merger of the Open Interest to ECC and Nodal Clear

    Nodal launches the world's first Trucking Freight Future

    Acquisition of Grexel Systems

    Start of separate Spot Market auctions (EPEX) for Germany and Austria

    Nodal Exchange launches North American environmental products

    ECC receives recognition as clearing house by MAS (Monetary Authority in Singapore)

    Foundation of EEX Asia and ClearTech strengthens the presence of EEX Group in Asia

    Acquisition of Nodal Exchange

    EEX Group now also represented in North America

    Migration of the PXE products for Eastern Europe to the EEX platform

    German-Austrian Price Zone Split: Launch of the Phelix-DE and Phelix-AT Futures

    EEX Group becomes largest power trading platform worldwide

    EEX gains market share in the Spanish Power Market and provides leading exchange platform for the first time

    PXE becomes part of the EEX Group: Power Derivatives Markets for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania

    Migration of Gaspoint Nordic and CEGH to PEGAS platform

    Entry into global commodities: Freight contracts cleared via EEX/ECC for the first time

    Migration of Eurex agricultural products to EEX

    PEGAS gas markets exceed 1,000 TWh for the first time

    EEX acquires majority stake in Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX) based in Singapore

    EEX acquires 50% stake in Gaspoint Nordic

    Powernext and EPEX SPOT become part of the EEX Group

    Acquisition of 100% of the Dutch APX and integration into EPEX SPOT

    Start of PEGAS cooperation (bundling of all-natural gas products of EEX and Powernext on one trading platform)

    ECC takes over clearing for the Czech Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) for power and gas

    Start of day and weekend futures on the power derivatives market

    EEX wins contract for Europe-wide primary market auction of emission allowances

    Opening of the first office outside Germany, in London with four employees

    Start 24/7 spot trading for natural gas

    Eurex becomes majority shareholder

    Ten-year anniversary

    Start clearing for the partner exchange HUPX

    CWE Market Coupling, Franco-German Intraday Cross-Border Trading and publication of the European Electricity Index, ELIX

    Angela Merkel visits EEX in Leipzig

    Number of employees exceeds 100 for the first time

    Foundation of the ECC subsidiary in Luxembourg

    Launch of the EEX Transparency Platform (in cooperation with the TSOs)

    ECC starts clearing for CEGH GAS EXCHANGE

    Start of EEX Power Derivatives GmbH

    Creation of EPEX Spot SE (Paris-based) with EEX Power Spot GmbH as a 100% subsidiary of the new company

    ECC takes over clearing for Powernext

    Start of natural gas trading for two market areas in Germany

    Strategic spin-off: EEX Power Spot GmbH

    Start EEX Eurex cooperation in emissions trading

    Start of cooperation with the French Powernext

    Spin-off of European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC), receives a banking license in the same year

    Cooperation with the first partner exchange ENDEX (clearing of TTF gas futures)

    Start of trading in EU emission allowances under the EU ETS

    "Recognised price signals": EEX prices are the reference for the Act on the Revision of the Law on Renewable Energies in the Electricity Sector of 21 July 2004

    Successful start of OTC clearing

    100th trading participant

    Merger of LPX and EEX to establish the European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) with headquarters in Leipzig

    Launch of power exchanges in Germany: LPX based in Leipzig starts in June, EEX based in Frankfurt starts in August

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