The EEX Group Excellence Award takes places for the 13th time in 2023.

    EEX Group’s mission is to build secure, successful and sustainable commodity markets worldwide. As part of this, we are committed to supporting innovative ideas and new approaches to current political, regulatory, technical or economic questions in the fields of energy and agricultural products as well as exchange trading of both. Moreover, we are interested in all topics involving sustainability.

    With the EEX Group Excellence Award, we honor outstanding research papers that deal with the described topics.

    In 2023, the awards were presented to: 

    • Figini Ginevra: “The Energy Transition in the Hands of the Citizens: a Comparative Study of Energy Communities in Germany and Italy” – CIFE European Institute
    • Hirsch Simon: “Simulation-based Forecasting for Intraday Power Markets: Modelling Fundamental Drivers for Location, Shape and Scale of the Price Distribution” – University of Duisburg‐Essen
    • Lenz Marie-Sophie: “Tracing the steps towards European Balancing Energy Platforms” – University of Natural Resources and Life Science
    • Schubert Lisa: “The path towards green chemistry - modelling the renewable energy supply for a potential steam cracker electrification in the production of olefins” – Universität Leipzig
    • Yeltay Daryn: “The impact of renewable electricity generation on spot prices on the German power market: The Merit Order Effect of Wind and Solar Electricity Generation in 2018-2022” – Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences


      Congratulations to the winners!

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