Benefits of central clearing for the market:

    • Anonymity
    • Stable infrastructure
    • Standardized processes
    • Several lines of defense to manage risk
    • Regulated market and high operational standards


    • Managing risk is an essential function of ECC, a central counterparty (CCP) licensed under strict European financial market regulations for CCPs (‘EMIR’).
    • ECC also holds the status as a Recognised Clearing House (RCH) in Singapore, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
    • ECC has a unique level of expertise in the physical settlement of grid-bound energy (power & natural gas) and energy-related products (emission allowances & GoOs).
    • ECC handles the financial settlement of contracts in various currencies (EUR as well as GBP, USD, JPY).
    • With a global network of more than 900 participants, clearing banks, TSOs and further partners, customers can rely on a liquid and secure network for trading energy and commodities.

    Nodal Clear

    • The US clearing house of EEX Group serves as a central counterparty (CCP) for all Nodal Exchange transactions.
    • Nodal Clear is a derivatives clearing organization (DCO) regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
    • Nodal Clear is a clearing house providing central counterparty clearing services for Nodal Exchange and Coinbase Derivatives Exchange.  
    • Nodal Clear’s strong risk management practices create a sound market infrastructure for trading US commodity contracts.
    • Nodal Clear employs a tailored portfolio margining methodology that appropriately margins Nodal Exchange contracts and provides capital efficiencies to market participants.

    Clearing at ECC

    Clearing at ECC - how does it work? Our short video explains clearing in a nutshell and gives a general overview of ECCs services. Our video is also available with German, French and Japanese subtitles.


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    Nodal Clear

    Nodal Clear provides clearing services for EEX Group in North America.

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