Power Spot and Derivatives

    EEX Group has a proven, 21-year track record in power trading, recording the largest power trading volume worldwide since 2017.

    • North America: Nodal Exchange offers the world’s largest set of electric power locational futures contracts.

    • Europe: EEX offers Power Futures and Options for 20+ European Market Areas. EPEX SPOT manages European Power Spot Markets

    • Asia: EEX offers Trade Registration services for Japanese Power Futures.

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    Power trading at EEX Group

    New products

    • Croatian Power Futures
    • Swiss Power Futures for peak hours
    • Short-term maturities for Japan Power
    • Nordic Zonal Futures (upcoming March 2024)

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    Clearing & Settlement, Financial Settlement & Invoicing, Risk Operations

    +49 341 24680 444 clearing@ecc.de

    Nodal Clear

    Nodal Clear provides clearing services for EEX Group in North America.

    +1 703 962 9820 info@nodalexchange.com