EEX Group actively supports market participants in fulfilling their reporting obligations.

    EEX takes care of the reporting infrastructure allowing clients to focus on their core business.

    • One solution for three regulations
    • Access to a standardised user interface
    • Reporting reliably at all times
    • High data security
    • Over 6 years of experience


    Reporting services offer EEX Group customers a single point of contact for collecting, submitting and monitoring trading data across different regulations.

    MiFID II / MiFIR

    MiFID II Directive
    No. 2014/65/EU

    MiFIR Regulation (EU)
    No. 600/2014

    Applicable for trading venues, investment and non-investment firms for financial products traded on an EU market place



    Regulation (EU)
    No. 1227/2014

    Applicable for market participants active on wholesale energy markets (EU)



    Regulation (EU)
    No. 648/2012

    Applicable for Clearing Members and Non Clearing Members active on the derivatives markets


    Reporting Services

    Reporting Services

    For more information on Reporting Services, please contact the Reporting Services team.

    +49 341 2156 380