Season 2 of Talking OTC Commodities

    Talking OTC Commodities is back with a brand-new season of episodes which will examine what’s happening in commodities.

    For the 1st episode of season 2, we’re continuing the conversation which began in episode 10 of season 1 and delving deeper into the concept of decarbonization in shipping.

    Season 2 - Eps2

    The Rising Role of Funds in Freight

    In this episode, Michael Mervyn-Jones (EEX) talks to Richard Heath (EEX), Claudia Gerotto (EEX) and Kerry Deal (Freight Investor Services) on the rising importance of Funds in the Dry Freight Market.
    In the podcast, the panel discuss the history of funds in freight, outline why now is the right time for funds to enter into dry freight and examine what brokers and exchanges can do to attract more funds to the market.

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    Season 2 Eps. 1

    Counting the Cost of Carbon in Shipping

    As the shipping sector continues to deal with the “green shift” and with important decisions from the EU fast approaching, in this episode EEX’ Richard Heath is joined by Kuehne + Nagel’s Kai Miller as they discuss shipping’s standing as a “green” mode of transport. Referencing specific examples from the container sector, the pair go on to examine who’s ultimately going to pay the cost of CO2 reduction and explore the various methods the industry can utilize to manage that cost.

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    Season 1 of Talking OTC Commodities

    Episode 10 - 24/03/2021

    Sustainable Shipping – the next frontier…

    As sustainability continues to dominate headlines around the globe, the central theme of decarbonization has emerged to play a crucial role in the commodities sector worldwide, but in what way has it affected the shipping industry thus far and how will it develop in the future?

    In the 10th episode of Talking OTC Commodities, EEX Group’s Richard Heath, Erlend Engelstad and Michael Mervyn Jones examine the role that decarbonization plays in shipping today, explore potential scenarios and solutions as to how it will evolve in the future and discuss how EEX Group, an exchange with a global footprint in both the Freight and Carbon Markets, can take an active role as facilitators of change.

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    Episode 9 - 10/12/2020

    Navigating the course of Maritime Fuels in the wake of IMO 2020

    In this episode, Erlend Engelstad talks with Rajesh Nair from Platts about how supply and demand for fuel oil has changed after IMO regulations came into place in 2020. In particular, they focus on the battle of the benchmarks, and how the futures market for low sulphur fuel oil is picking up steam

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    Episode 8 - 05/11/2020

    The outlook for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) & long term hedging in a post-COVID world

    One of the hottest topics in recent years is the rise of Power Purchase Agreements to fund renewables projects in Europe. This month’s podcast dives into the rise of PPAs, the impacts of COVID-19 and the resulting outlook from the perspective of key players in renewables and European Power trading. Listen to find out how they see the future of PPAs in a post-COVID world, and how managing risk through markets is crucial for sustainable growth.

    This month’s panel includes:

    • Viviana Ciancibello (EEX) 
    • Jorge Arenillas (Sonnedix) 
    • Jay Rustulka (Uniper) 
    • Michael Mervyn-Jones (EEX)


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    Episode 7 - 13/09/2020

    Sustainability and Transparency – How can renewable energy from Biomass benefit from both?

    In this month’s podcast, EEX Group’s Robert Seehawer discuss the aspects of sustainability and transparency in relation to Biomass with experts from Enviva (the largest global wood pellets producer) and Ørsted (the most sustainable company in the world as voted by Corporate Knights 2020 Global 100 index). Together, the panel explores why Biomass is often criticised in the media, what type of market is required to unlock the potential of Biomass as a commodity as well as discussing what needs to happen to sustainably integrate this global commodity into the mix of renewable energy sources.


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    Episode 6 - 01/07/2020

    Japanese Power Derivatives – how can the trading community unlock its potential?

    Following EEX’s successful entry into the Japanese Power Derivatives market, this month’s podcast examines the potential of this dynamic market and explores what measures are required in order to grow liquidity. With expert opinion from key players in the Japan Power market, we ask the question; “how can the global trading community support the development of this new and exciting market?”.

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    Episode 5 - 22/04/2020

    Japan Power – An industry Journey

    As Japan continues to follow the course of ongoing deregulation in its Power market, the demand for cleared long-term contracts and further hedging instruments continues to grow. EEX Group, the largest power exchange group in the world, is committed to developing such a cleared long-term market for Japanese Power by combining best practices from 20 international power markets with domestic Japanese specifics.

    In this month’s podcast, EEX COO, Steffen Koehler and Power Derivatives Director, Steffen Riediger discuss EEX Group’s highly anticipated entry into the Japan Power market. In addition to their own personal experiences, “the Steffens” examine the dynamics of the Japan Power market, outline their future expectations and give a detailed insight on the work to date in preparation of the launch on the 18th May.

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    Episode 4 - 03/12/2019

    EEX Group/NFX – Dry Bulk Freight OI Migration

    Following the recent announcement that EEX Group will acquire NFX’s freight business, Richard Heath (Group Strategy – EEX Group) gives a comprehensive overview of the agreement itself, the motivation behind the deal and what this means for EEX customers and the seaborne commodities sector as whole. Focusing on the specifics of the Freight OI transfer process - this episode explains how the migration will work in practice with detailed information on the upcoming matching sessions. 


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    Episode 3 - 03/11/2019

    IMO 2020, Freight Rates, Derivatives and New Markets

    In this broad reaching episode Richard Heath (Group Strategy – EEX Group) takes the opportunity to discuss multiple topics effecting the shipping markets today with the experts at Simpson Spence Young, one of the world’s leading ship brokers.  How is IMO 2020 impacting owners, operators and charterers now that there are just two months to go before implementation? What is the economic impact on the shipping market and could we see the development of new fuels? How are the derivative markets responding to this change and as we see a new freight derivative market developing in LNG FFAs, what opportunities does this present for traders, owners and charterers in that commodity?


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    Episode 2 - 03/10/2019

    Adding value as a Commodities Exchange

    In this episode, Giles Paley-Phillips talks to Richard Heath (Group Strategy – EEX) on how Exchanges can add value to clients. Highlighting specific examples from EEX’s Global Commodities business, they explore how providing a robust portfolio of value added services not only enriches the customer experience but also helps achieve standout from the competition.


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    Episode 1 - 03/09/2019

    How can technology help make trading and clearing easier?

    In this episode, Richard Heath, (Group Strategy – EEX Group) talks to David Briggs, the co-founder of KB Tech, on how the digitalisation of services along the trade chain – from execution to clearing to back office – can benefit all organisations involved.


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