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    Official Start: 8th of July 2021

    The EEX Group 20k Challenge will give you the opportunity to get motivated and to connect with the EEX Group colleagues and partners during the summer months. Together with you, EEX Group wants to collect 20,000 kilometres by running, swimming and cycling. For every kilometre achieved we will donate 1€ to a good cause around the world. Simple!

    Join the challenge and get active! TOGETHER we can create an impact!

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    EEX Group 20k Challenge Status - 23nd July 2021

    Kilometres collected

    11,712 km

    Kilometres to go

    8,288 km

    Club members


    Donation Goal

    20,000 €

    Amount donated

    11,712 €




    Our challenge is to collect 20,000 kilometers by running, swimming or cycling around the globe. If you want to participate but have a medically documented injury or other limitation, please refer to the contact persons named below to find an adequate personal challenge.

    Join our Club on Strava. This tracking app offers a free version and of course, participation is totally voluntary.


    For every kilometre achieved we will donate 1€ for a good cause around the world. The final organizations will be chosen via our LinkedIn poll, so please cast your vote.

    Social Media

    Feel free to tag EEX Group on all social media channels and use the hashtag #EEXGroup20kChallenge when posting pictures of your activities.



    Employees, customers and partners of EEX Group. 


    The Challenge will start on 8th of July. Remember that our goal is to pass 20 thousand kilometres!

    Data Security 

    Participation in the Challenge is voluntary. We recommend using the Strava app to record your kilometres. Please note the corresponding data protection regulations.

    For any questions please contact us