How can I use Strava to join the challenge?

    1. Click on the link to join the 20k Challenge
    2. Open the Strava App
    3. Log-in or sign-up via your preferred account (Facebook, Google, Apple or E-Mail)
    4. Agree to the terms and conditions
    5. Decide if you want to allow notifications or not
    6. Create your profile
    7. Decide if you want to receive emails with your monthly statistics
    8. There is a pro version, but you will be able to participate using the free version: just click “skip” in the top right corner
    9. You can sync your contacts if you’d like to
    10. Run, Walk or Cycle as much as you can to collect kilometres for the challenge!


    How can I find the Club?

    Please click on the following link: to join our challenge.