EEX Press Release – EEX to launch Nordic Zonal Futures for power derivatives markets on 25 March

    Leipzig, 9 January 2024 –The European Energy Exchange (EEX) announces a significant extension of its flagship power derivatives platform by launching Nordic Zonal Futures on 25 March 2024. The new product offering will include financially-settled baseload futures for all 12 Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish bidding zones. Additionally, EEX will extend the number of tradable contracts in its existing Nordic Power Futures, which are settled against the Nordic System Price.

    Steffen Koehler, COO of EEX, comments: “For more than a decade, we have seen declining liquidity on the Nordic power markets, alongside growing calls from market participants to address this trend by launching zonal futures, which are standard instruments in other European power markets. Building on our extensive expertise in developing liquid energy markets in Europe and around the world, we believe that our new Nordic Zonal Futures product suite will give market participants the choice how to best hedge their individual risks. As in all our markets, we are committed to working closely with the Nordic trading community to build a liquid, robust and trusted market­.”

    The new Nordic Zonal Futures will enhance efficiency in terms of risk management, whilst widening the pool of market participants, by offering location spread trading and access to EEX’s pan-European network of power traders. In addition, by publishing daily settlement prices for all individual bidding zones, EEX contributes to improved price transparency in the region. Location spread trading, a key tool for increasing overall liquidity, will be offered for various combinations between Nordic Zonal Futures, Nordic System Price Futures and EEX continental power futures.

    The new EEX Nordic Zonal Futures will be listed for all 12 Nordic bidding zones, with varying maturities to reflect unique local factors, such as the presence of interconnectors with continental markets or renewable energy capacity. The underlying of the financially-settled EEX Nordic Zonal Futures are EPEX SPOT indices for the respective bidding zones.

    To learn more about the new EEX Nordic Zonal Futures, please visit our dedicated website:

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