EEX Press Release - EEX HYDRIX anniversary: index established as reference for green hydrogen pricing

    Leipzig, 28 May 2024 – One year after the launch, the first-of-its-kind green hydrogen index by the European Energy Exchange (EEX), HYDRIX, is considered as an important price signal for the green hydrogen industry. More than 40 companies already subscribed for receiving HYDRIX data. At the same time, the number of contributors who provide data for the calculation of the index, including utilities, trading houses, engineering firms and industrial consumers is increasing.

    Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX says: “In the year since the launch of HYDRIX, feedback from the hydrogen industry has been very positive. The price transparency it creates is an important prerequisite for facilitating investment decisions in the field of hydrogen. In this context, we believe that HYDRIX can also serve as a price reference for private and governmental initiatives in the future. We are delighted to see the growing interest and that our contribution to facilitating the development of this new emerging industry, and on a wider scale the energy transition, is both significant and meaningful.”

    Johannes Wege, Managing Director of HYPOS e.V. adds: “With its 170 member companies, HYPOS e.V. was delighted to support the development of the HYDRIX and is looking forward to the future cooperation with EEX. Most activities that aim at stimulating the hydrogen economy focus on infrastructure development or increasing production capacity and hydrogen demand. HYDRIX closes the often-forgotten gap and creates price transparency for all actors, which is as important as building pipelines or serial production of electrolyzers in order to display a price for hydrogen that is in line with the market. “

    HYDRIX is determined based on contributed supply and demand prices of green hydrogen, provided by partners from industrial and energy sectors. It is calculated on a weekly basis and is published every Wednesday on the EEX Transparency Platform free of charge

    In addition to the HYDRIX, EEX supports the wider market ramp-up of hydrogen with the development of a dedicated auction platform for hydrogen and its derivatives., a subsidiary of the H2Global Foundation, has already announced to auction off hydrogen via EEX’s platform.

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