ECC Clearing Circular 32/2023 | ECC Product Specification Files Update


    ECC plans to adjust both of the following Product Specification Files:

    The ECC Clearing Specification Data is extended by a column containing the limit definition name. The last column with the expiry month factor will be deleted from the BOM Cascading File.

    Furthermore, referring to the clearing circular No. 20/2023 ECC would like to inform you about the postponed change for the FTP Server in Production. ECC will specify the new go-live date for production within a separate circular in due course. 

    Update ECC Clearing Specification Data

    The ECC Clearing Specification Data file, tab “spot data” is amended with the column “LimitDefinitionECCMemberArea“. It provides the spot trading limit definition name to which the spot product group belongs. All detailed information about spot trading limits can be found in the ECC Risk Management Services Manual.

    From now on the new ECC Clearing Specification Data file will be published next to the existing document on the website. Starting on 2 October 2023 only the new file structure including the additional column will be available.

    Update BOM Cascading File

    The information about the Expiry Month Factor is published in the ECC Risk Parameters file (tab “EMF”) available on the ECC website. Therefore, this column will be deleted in the BOM Cascading File.

    Current Columns:
    product_code, maturity, process_date,contract_size,

    New Columns:
    product_code, maturity,process_date, contract_size,delivery_size,remaining_size

    The BOM Cascading File is published on the ECC website as well as on the FTP Server. The BOM Cascading File will be published 1 December 2023 for the first time without the last column “expiry_month_factor”.

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