EEX provides its customers with the data they need

    EEX provides its customers with the data they need

    EEX provides its customers with the data they need for:

    • Analysis
    • Developing business strategies
    • Presenting business areas 
    • Using prices as a component of price escalation clauses or indices
    • Including price calculation used for customer contracts 
    • Display in newsletters or on websites 
    • Redistribution and consulting of business strategies

    Data Services for
    Commodity Markets

    Explore data service offerings for EEX Group markets to improve procurement, analytics and trading decisions.


    A single place to buy market data products and e-learning training courses.



    Experience highspeed real-time data access.


    Desktop Application

    Observe most recent data and analyse it in charts. 


    Excel Tool

    Prepare your own calculations with EEX Group market data.


    sFTP Server

    Download end-of-day data via a secured connection.


    DataSource Services

    Information Services

    The highspeed connection to EEX Group market data and to transparency data for the energy market – directly from the source.

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    For more Inforamtion on EEX Group DataSource Services, contact Nodal Exchange. 

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    Clearing & Settlement, Financial Settlement & Invoicing, Risk Operations

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    The new online marketplace bundles service offers for analytic solutions, processed raw data, the latest market news, consultancy services for trading and risk management as well as the procurement of power and natural gas. Users can access sample data, request trial access and contact the experts directly.

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