New Trading Participants at EEX in September 2020

    The following members were additionally admitted to trading in the respective markets of EEX in September 2020:

    • Wien Energie GmbH to trading for trading in futures & options on the EEX power derivatives markets
    • Alperia Trading SRL to (TTF) Natural Gas Futures
    • Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc to (PEG/ ZTP/ GPL/ NBP/ NCG/ TTF/ ZEE/ PSV/ CEGH PVB) Natural Gas Futures
    • Energy Trading Company s.r.o. to (GPL/ NCG/ TTF) Natural Gas Futures
    • Macquarie Bank Limited (London Branch) to (PVB) Natural Gas Futures and (PVB) Natural Gas Spot Contracts
    • Electroroute Energy Trading Limited to Japanes Power Futures
    • Energi Danmark A/S to Japanes Power Futures
    • Société Générale S.A. to (ETF/ NBP/ ZEE/ ZTP) Natural Gas Futures
    • IREN MERCATO S.p.A. to (PSV/ TTF) Natural Gas Futures, (TTF) Natural Gas Options and (TTF) Natural Gas Spot Contracts
    • CEZ, a.s. to (TTF)Natural Gas OTF Futures
    • GEN-I, d.o.o. to the Emission Allowances Spot Secondary Market
    • BGC Brokers LP to Emission Allowances Futures and Options
    • European Energy Pooling B.V.B.A. to (ETF) Natural Gas Spot Contracts and (ETF) Natural Gas Futures

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