Action Required – Amendments to the General Conditions and Price Structure for EEX Group DataSource Products

    EEX AG will amend the prices, the product names and its General Conditions applicable to EEX Group Datasource products. Both, the new prices and the new General Conditions, will be applicable to new orders as of 01.11.2020 and to all existing internal usage subscriptions as of 01.01.2021.

    The adjustment of our price structure reflects the expansion of the EEX Group in terms of products offered, area covered and the increased value of the information provided by its prices due to its increased traded volume.

    For all of these reasons, we strongly believe that our EEX Group DataSource products that are included in your contract have gained value significantly.

    The new price list (under Section 5.7, Page 26)  and the new General Conditions can be found on the EEX Website :

    Right of termination
    Following the General Conditions and price list amendments, an extraordinarily right to terminate their subscription(s) is granted until 30.11.2020 after its communication as in accordance with the General Conditions sections & 5.2.1.

    If you wish to terminate your EEX Group DataSource subscription(s), please send the termination notice by e-mail to  We kindly point out that if subscribers do not terminate their subscription within the time limit, they will automatically be extended by one calendar year in accordance with the General Conditions.

    Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Information Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.

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    Senior Public Relations Officer

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    Marketing Officer

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    Expert Public Relations

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