New Trading Participants at EEX in August 2020

    In August 2020, EEX welcomed the following new members to its markets and additionally admitted members to further markets.

    Tradition Securities and Futures SA has been newly authorized to trade spot contracts for emission rights (secondary market, primary auctions) and futures on emission rights.

    Orsted Salg & Service A/S has been additionally admitted for trading Belgian and Dutch Power Futures on the EEX power derivatives market. EDF Trading Limited has been additionally admitted for trading in Japanese Power Futures.

    The following members were additionally admitted to trading in the respective markets:

    • MFT Energy A/S to (LPEG/CPEG) Natural Gas Spot Contracts
    • Alperia Trading SRL to (PSV) Natural Gas Futures
    • ZSE Energia a.s. to (CEGH /CZ VTP) Natural Gas Futures
    • Next Energy Partners S.R.L. to Emissions Futures and Options