Data Amendment - Final Settlement Prices for Financial Power Futures July 2022

    Affected Commodity:

    • Power Futures

    Issue description:

    • As communicated within our Customer Information from 20220801, the listed settlement prices have been adjusted for 20220729. Please reload the corrected settles accordingly.

    Affected applications:

    • EEX Group DataSource sFTP
    • EEX Group DataSource Desktop Application
    • EEX Group DataSource Excel Tool

    Affected files and path:

    • market_data/power/XX/derivatives/csv/2022/20220729/PowerFutureResults_XX_20220729.csv
    • market_data/power/XX/derivatives/xlsx/2022/PowerFutureHistory_XX_2022.xlsx

    Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Market Data Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.

    Please use our monitoring tool for details on what files an paths are affected as well as when the data is updated. You can find more information on our monitoring here.

    Information Services
    T +49 341 2156-288