Data Alert - EGSI displays previous day's value May 12th, 2022

    Affected commodity:

    • EEX EGSI

    Issue description:
    We are currently encountering an issue with EGSI value for the 12th of May, 2022.
    The current EGSI value being displayed is incorrect. The value currently displays the same value as the 11th of May, 2022. The issue started on the 11th of May and affects all markets.
    The issue is currently under investigation. We will redeploy the affected data as soon as possible and restore the correct value to the Data Sources. At this time, the website displays the correct value and can be used as a marker.


    • 12.05.2022

    Affected applications:

    • EEX Group DataSource sFTP
    • EEX Group DataSource Desktop App
    • EEX Group DataSource Excel Tool

    Affected files and paths:

    • market_data/natgas/marketarea/spot/xlsx/2022/GasSpotHistory_marketarea_2022.xlsx
    • market_data/natgas/marketarea/spot/csv/2022/2022MMDD/GasSpotMarketResults_marketarea_20220511.csv
    • additional_data/EGSI/xls/2022/GasSpotEGSI_History_2022.xls


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