Grexels new registry platform G-REX is now in production

    Grexel has launched a new registry platform, G-REX. The new registry solution supports efficient management of Guarantees of Origin for all energy carriers, including electricity, heating and cooling, hydrogen and biogas.

    The new registry went live with one of the new energy carriers. It will be used by Hamburg Institut’s pilot project that aims to build best practices for the management of Heating and Cooling GOs.

    Grexel has developed registry solutions for Guarantees of Origin for 20 years. G-REX takes full advantage of this extensive experience. In addition to being seamlessly designed to handle the complex regulatory requirements, it answers to the customer demand for efficient and easy-to-use solution. G-REX uses the latest MS Azure cloud technologies and API-first design. In short, G-REX makes certificates’ management fast and easy in a way that is unforeseen in the certificate market. It also makes management of Guarantees of Origin easy and allows for easy integrations to any existing IT-infrastructure.

    Ten years ago Grexel launched the current registry generation, CMO.grexel. CMO.grexel introduced for example proper accounts, transactions, double entry bookkeeping, secure authentication and many other qualities which have since that become standard in certificate registries.
    Grexel CEO Markus Klimscheffskij is expecting the G-REX to handle significant trading volumes by the end of 2022.
    “We are very proud of G-REX and expect it to have similar disruptive effect to certificates’ management as CMO.grexel did. Many of our current customers have been excited to migrate for a while already. We also have several new clients that will take the new system into use within the first half of next year”, Klimscheffski says.

    Learn more about G-REX and book your demo here.