Nodal Exchange achieves new records in power and environmental futures

    Nodal Exchange announced new trading records in power and environmental futures as of end of June 2021.  Nodal achieved record half year power volume for the first half of 2021 with 1.069 billion MWh traded.  Nodal also set a new calendar month record for June with 175 TWh of traded power futures volume in the month.  Power futures open interest also set a new record at the end of June with 1.092 Billion MWh.

    Nodal's environmental futures volume grew 156% in Q2 2021 over Q2 2020 with 48,528 lots traded.  Environmental futures open interest at the end of June 2021 was at 133,121 lots, up 85% from the prior year. Nodal, which is particularly strong in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), saw volumes in Q2 across the 56 REC futures and options contracts on Nodal rise to 39,862 contracts, up 154% from 15,713 in Q2 2020 and open interest across the REC suite rise to 125,214 contracts, up 118% from 57,398 in Q2 2020.