Annual Report 2020 | Building Markets Together

    Dear shareholders, customers, partners and friends of EEX Group,

    Thanks to your continued belief and support, EEX Group achieved new record results in 2020 and strengthened its position as a Global Commodity Exchange. We reconfirmed our position as the number one exchange group in power trading worldwide, we retained our position as Europe’s leading gas spot exchange and became a major force in global freight trading. Most importantly, in a year when the entire world has had to adapt to working alongside a global pandemic, we were able to support our customers through this time of exceptional change.

    Peter Reitz | CEO of EEX

    We build and develop markets together with our customers and partners with the ultimate goal of further growing liquidity across all markets and across all times zones.

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    Success Stories

    Our success is based on our greatest asset - the committed and engaged experts that make up EEX Group. Learn more about our colleagues, as well as the projects and successes we brought forward in 2020.

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    Sustainability at EEX Group

    Sustainability is a topic which could not be more important right now. As EEX Group, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are committed to supporting decarbonisation in the energy sector with our products and services.

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