Charity & Donations

    The social commitment is an important part of EEX Group’ daily actions. “Giving back” is the motto which underlines social actions for local organizations and initiatives on a regular basis.

    EEX Group actively supports primarily local projects through donations - in line with the motto "think globally, act locally". EEX has been supporting “Zukunft für Kinder e.V.” since 2018. With the help of an internal fundraising campaign, donations were also collected together with Deutsche Börse Group for projects which were in need of donations due to the measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic:

    „The past year underlined the necessity of supporting local projects and initiatives which has been affected by the global pandemic.

    At EEX Group, we are furthermore delighted to support children, young adults and people in need. Therefore, for the third year in a row, we supported the organisation "Zukunft für Kinder e.V.", which takes care of socially disadvantaged children and young adults.“

    Vanessa Birnbaum
    Communications & Marketing


    As a global company, employees of different gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity work within the EEX Group.

    Our goal was and still is to strengthen the appreciation, recognition and inclusion of diversity within EEX Group. We want every colleague to be equally valued and supported. Over the last year, we did several campaigns regarding the topics of Diversity & Inclusion.

    This is an ongoing process, that every individual colleague should be working on day by day. For this process it is important to stay open-minded, learn from each other and appreciate the people around us. Together we follow the path of Diversity and share our experiences and perspectives within EEX Group.

    EEX continues to be active as a signatory of the “Charta der Vielfalt“. This employer initiative serves to promote diversity in companies and institutions. The aim is to create a prejudice-free working environment. With its signature, EEX is part of 3,800 companies which have committed themselves to appreciation and equality of all employees.  

    Furthermore, EEX Group is supporting the LGBTQIA+ network “Market Pride” of Deutsche Boerse. Since its foundation in 2015, the network is now active in five locations and is supported by over 100 members. Through events, info days and fundraising campaigns, the network creates visibility and awareness towards the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Social Impact – for our employees

    Our employees are EEX Group’s most important asset – they are able to combine their local expertise with our global offering, from 17 locations worldwide.

    „EEX Group is beyond thankful for the wonderful work of its employees despite this challenging year. The adaption to the home office situation went smoothly and quickly, which could only be achieved through the fantastic teamwork of our colleagues.“

    Michael Schur
    Human Resources Officer

    Family friendly company

    We have been awarded with the title “family friendly company” by “Audit Berufundfamilie” for five years. We try to support the “work-life balance” of our employees as good as possible. EEX Group offers flexible working hours through the possible of part-time working as well as working from home. EEX further offers support in finding childcare.

    Internal events

    Creating a sense of togetherness despite the challenges of 2020 was our goal for the past year. And we achieved it – quiz nights, team events, concerts, Christmas markets, staff meetings – fully virtual. EEX Group employees from all over the world got the chance to meet, enjoy live music and spend time together. We can proudly say that the crisis did not separate us from each other but brought us closer together instead. We’re looking forward to many other events in 2021!

    Social Impact – for Students & Graduates

    Job Offers

    We at EEX Group are an expert team of dynamic individuals. We are always looking for new members to join the EEX Group team and work with us on exciting projects, share experiences, celebrate success and create memories together.

    Interesting in becoming a part of our team? Take a look into our job offers.

    Graduate Trainee Programme

    Since 2020, EEX has been offering you the opportunity to become a part of EEX and get to know our company with the EEX Graduate Programme.  The 18-month job rotation provides you with valuable insights from three different work experiences with the possibility of a permanent contract.

    Find out more about our EEX Graduate Trainee Programme.  

    EEX Group Excellence Award

    Our EEX Group Excellence Award gives students and graduates the opportunity to submit their outstanding research papers on current political, regulatory, technical or economic questions in the field of energy and agricultural products as well as exchange trading of both or on the focus on sustainability. The award includes a prize of EUR 1,000 for each of the winners and the opportunity to attend the EEX Exchange Trader Course free of charge.

    In 2020, the EEX Group Excellence Award was presented for the 10th time.

    • Carolin Guntermann: “Extension of an electricity market simulation procedure to include a power flow-based market coupling method” - RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    • Inés Harang: “Incorporating climate change effects into the European power system adequacy assessment using a post-processing method” (Co-authors: Fabian Heymann, Laurens P. Stoop) - MINES ParisTech, France
    • Simon Imhoff: “Analysis of the future supply structure of Powerfuels” - Reutlingen University, Germany
    • Michal Narajewski: “Econometric modelling and forecasting of intraday electricity prices" (Co-author: Florian Ziel) - University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
    • Lara Schech: “The future of offshore wind tenders in Germany: Tender design options for wind farms commissioned from 2026 onwards" - Leipzig University, Germany

    Here you can find more details on how Sustainability is implemented at EEX Group

    Environmental Impact

    The environmental impact describes internal actions and products and services of EEX Group to protect the environment and to support a clean energy transition.  

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    Social Impact

    The social impact describes the aspects of EEX Group which underline its part in a diverse society, protect the well-being of its employees and support others through charity and donations. 

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    Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance describes the steps taken by EEX Group to assure a secure and regulated work environment.

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