We track the green quality of energy!

    Registries allow for the secured and transparent tracking of ownership of instruments and have become a key component for markets. 

    Intro on the Registries Activities

    EEX Group enables green economy by providing versatile, easy-to-use solutions for energy certificate registries.

    On a general level, energy certification means that the production attributes of electricity production (such as energy source and CO2 emissions) can be explicitly tracked from production to consumption. Energy certification opens up an entirely new market for the origin of energy separately from the physical energy itself.

    Over the past years, registries have then become a key component for markets as they allow for the secured and transparent tracking of ownership of complex instruments such as Guarantees of Origin, energy saving certificates or emission allowances.

    Grexel and CertifHy

    Grexel, part of EEX Group, has been appointed by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) as the operator and issuing body of the first European Guarantees of Origin (GO) market for green hydrogen, in the frame of the third phase of the CertifHy project.

    The CertifHy project was initiated upon the request of the European Commission back in 2014. Undertaken by a consortium led by HINICIO and financed by the FCH JU, the CertifHy scheme has been bringing together stakeholders to develop a common European-wide certification scheme for renewable and non-renewable Hydrogen.


    The registries’ business of EEX Group


    Sustainability is the core of Grexel

    As the European market leader in the GO registry services Grexel plays a crucial role in enabling this part of green economy. In 2020 Grexel’s registry system was used by over 22 000 Account Holders in 15 European countries. Over the years we have also been able to help our customers create and perfect their registry systems and certificate schemes as consultants.  Learn more of how we have helped our customers here.

    A well-functioning registry creates the basis for a thriving market of GO. In 2020 32 % of the European renewable production (300 TWh of electricity) was issued GO in a Grexel registry. Looking at the other end of the lifecycle of a GO, almost one in four (23%) of European GOs was cancelled in our system to match the related consumption of renewable electricity:

    Guarantees of Origin for electricity have the largest and most established market of the field. With the upcoming RED II directive and CEN-EN 16325 standard the GO activities will also grow on other energy sources like biogas. In addition to the conventional energy source certification schemes, we actively work with for instance renewable hydrogen and CO2 certificates. Read our blog to find out more about the effects of the new regulation in the field.


    The GO scheme for renewable hydrogen is currently being built in the EU funded CertifHy-project. We are proud to be a part of the CertifHy project consortium. We act as the issuing body for Guarantees of Origin for hydrogen. This puts us in the lead of the renewable hydrogen development globally. See here for more information on the CertifHy-project.


    Our core activities are based on building sustainability. Naturally, we want to do them as well as possible. This also radiates to our daily business activities. As a company Grexel considers sustainability throughout the value chain. We are, for example, powered by green electricity and do compensate our carbon footprint where we cannot avoid that. Read more about our sustainability activities here.

    Renewable Production (Issued) and Consumption (Cancel) guaranteed in Grexel registries