We enable the energy transition.

    Efficient and liquid wholesale markets are a prerequisite for competitive retail markets, and hence and advantage for the final consumer.The larger supply and demand, the more relevant and competitive the price signal. EEX Group offers market participants a broad product portfolio to hedge their price risks on the spot and derivatives markets.

    Power Spot and Derivatives

    The Power Spot Market is used for the short-term optimization of procurement and sales on the market. Within EEX Group, EPEX SPOT operates the most liquid Day-Ahead and Intraday markets in Europe which are embedded in the European market coupling.

    Both markets fulfill different purposes and are indispensable links of the energy value chain. The Day-ahead market is operated by a blind auction which takes place once a day, all year round. All hours of the following day are traded in this auction. On the Intraday market, market participants trade continuously, 24 hours a day, with delivery on the same day.

    On the Power Derivatives Market, market participants can hedge against future price risk up to six year in the future. The product range includes 20 market areas in Europe which are all cleared via one clearing house. Trading is offered along the whole curve from day to year contracts.

    Power Products for Energy Transition

    EEX Group develops new products for the energy transition

    Wholesale Market and Renewables

    Renewable power needs to be efficiently integrated into the wholesale market in order to reach the final consumer.

    With an increasing share of renewables production, the market needs more short-term products on the spot and derivatives market. EPEX SPOT and EEX continuously develop their product portfolio to match the needs of the market. On the spot market, this included the launch of further intraday products (local auctions launched in 2020) and a subsequent reduction of the lead time before physical delivery takes place. By this, EPEX SPOT´s products match the fluctuating nature of most renewable energy sources.

    On the power derivatives market, EEX continuously added short-term maturities such as Day, Weekend and Week contracts to its portfolio to provide market participants with further flexibility, a product range which shall be extended to all market areas.

    Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    PPA hedging as instrument to secure renewables

    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a financial agreement where a developer arranges for the design, permitting, financing and installation of a renewable energy plant on a customer’s property at little to no cost.

    PPA’s are bilaterally concluded and extend over a long period, up to ten or even more years. Trading at EEX increases security and standardization of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) hedging and provides the tools to actively support the energy transition in Europe.

    By hedging long-term price risk via the standard power futures, PPA-counterparties can hedge against the risk of future price changes and counterparty bankruptcy up to six years ahead. To further support PPA hedging, EEX will extend the tradable year contracts and enable market participants to “hedge the decade” until 2030.

    EPEX SPOT: facilitator of the energy transition

    Through our subsidiary EPEX SPOT, the European marketplace for short-term power trading, EEX Group facilitates the energy transition through trading solutions tailored for renewable energies.

    15-minute products

    Already in 2011, EPEX SPOT introduced 15-minute contracts on its continuous Intraday markets. With their shorter duration, they help with the integration of intermittent renewable assets into the market.

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    Intraday auctions

    Introduced in 2014 and available across all Central Western Europe, intraday auctions are key in reinforcing the Intraday reference price, optimising the short-term market and facilitating the energy transition.


    Local flex markets

    Local flexibility markets are a transparent platform pooling local flexibility offers. Market participants gain new opportunities to value their flexible assets, and system operators obtain a new possibility to manage congestions.


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    Learn more about EPEX SPOT’s role in the energy transition in the World Energy Council’s podcast with Henrike Sommer!

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    Our Product & Services

    Decarbonised Gas
    We develop future energy markets

    Natural Gas is an important bridge technology to facilitate the energy transition – and is the middle of transition itself. Alongside our existing portfolio for natural gas trading in 12 European market areas and with one LNG contract, we develop future markets and commodities, such as hydrogen.

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    Environmental Products
    We put a price on carbon

    Emissions trading is the most efficient market-based instrument for reducing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. We’re appointed the platform for all primary market auctions under the EU ETS and successfully operate secondary emissions markets in Europe and North America. On a global level we engage in partnerships and cooperations to develop emissions trading schemes worldwide.

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    Registries & GOs
    We track the green quality of energy

    Registries have become a key component for markets as they allow for the secured and transparent tracking of ownership of instruments such as Guarantees of Origin, energy saving certificates or emission allowances, hence proving the “green quality” of a product.

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    Clearing makes markets secure

    Clearing secures payment and delivery of each transaction, minimizes counterparty risks and increases efficiency.

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    Clearing Services

    Transparency is the key to the energy market

    By displaying prices and volumes we ensure transparency. The EEX Transparency Platform is an additional service which provides timely disclosure and forwarding of inside information in compliance with REMIT, EU Transparency Regulation and MAR.

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    Biomass and Bioenergy

    Biomass and Bioenergy refer to all types of energy derived from the conversion of natural, biological sources, available on a renewable basis. Bioenergy is the only renewable energy source capable of providing heating and cooling, electricity and transport fuel.

    EEX is offering bioenergy with its 

    Wood Pellets Futures

    Here you can find more details on how Sustainability is implemented at EEX Group

    Environmental Impact

    The environmental impact describes internal actions and products and services of EEX Group to protect the environment and to support a clean energy transition.  

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    Environmental Impact

    Social Impact

    The social impact describes the aspects of EEX Group which underline its part in a diverse society, protect the well-being of its employees and support others through charity and donations. 

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    Social Impact

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance describes the steps taken by EEX Group to assure a secure and regulated work environment.

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    Corporate Governance