At EEX Group, we believe in building our markets together with our customers – our success is their success. In celebration of our achievements throughout 2021, read on to hear from some of our customers, colleagues and partners on how we build our markets together.

    Power Markets

    “Danske Commodities has been part of the great development that has taken place in the German energy market for the past 15 years. Today, Germany remains one of our most important markets and with the influx of renewables in the energy system, we see an opportunity to do even more power trading.”

    Tor Gillett Mosegaard 
    Danske Commodities | Head of European Power Trading

    EEX has been operating products for the German Power market for 21 years now - our first derivatives product. The German Power Future does not only represent our biggest market in terms of volume and market share, but also, it’s the benchmark product for the European power wholesale market. Our product suite stretches from trading daily futures until 10 years ahead – providing our traders with a broad range of financially settled hedging instruments – added by a liquid options market. We’re proud of what we have achieved since launch and look forward to the next level of market development.


    Italy is the third largest EEX power market. 7 years ago, EEX opened its office in Milan. This move followed the successful entry in the Italian energy market. EEX launched Trade Registration services for the Italian market in October 2013 and, following positive customer feedback, exchange trading for this market was launched in April 2014. In those seven short years, EEX has established itself as the leading exchange in power trading in Italy – thanks to the trust of the trading community placed in us. Mille grazie!


    “Being a leader in marketing of sustainable energy is an objective and at the same time a strategic direction for Axpo. To do this we need the support of an innovative energy exchange such as EEX, which enables our professionals to operate on the markets efficiently, guaranteeing all customers the best service.”

    Manuel Previato
    Axpo Italia | Head of Energy Trading & IPP’s Management


    “We’re pleased to offer a futures exchange designed to meet the needs of the global retail futures trader. Our partnership with leading U.S. clearing house Nodal Clear brings critical, reliable, and virtually around-the-clock clearing and settlement services for the markets we serve.” 

    Neal Brady 
    FairX | CEO & Co-founder (now Coinbase Derivatives)  

    Nodal Clear successfully launched clearing services for FairX in June 2021. FairX was acquired by Coinbase in early 2022 and is now Coinbase Derivatives. Coinbase Derivatives' product slate currently includes smaller-sized futures on the Bloomberg US Large Cap Index, the SuperTech Index and Crude Oil.  Clearing for a third-party exchange is an important milestone for Nodal Clear as it continues to grow in the global commodity markets. 


    In February 2021, EPEX SPOT and ECC brought the one-stop-shop offer of EEX Group to market participants in Poland. A prerequisite for this day-ahead market launch was the implementation of the Polish Multi-NEMO Arrangement which sets the framework for several power exchanges to be active in the country.


    “With the launch of our Day-Ahead offer in Poland, we brought many advantages for our members. They were already familiar with our efficient interfaces and highly performant systems, as they know these features from our markets in Central Western Europe, Great Britain and the Nordic region. Furthermore, the extension of ECC’s clearing services to Poland brings them additional safety and cross-margining opportunities.”

    Katharina Niciejewska 
    EPEX SPOT | Expert Key Account Manager

    Natural Gas

    “Our Financial Gas Futures settle against the most transparent and accountable gas price index in Europe, the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI). This is a great illustration of our vision: utilising our leading position in the European Gas Spot markets to build robust financial instruments for the market.” 

    Tim Greenwood 
    EEX | Sales Director for Natural Gas



    Last year, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) has expanded its product range on the Derivatives Market with new Financial Gas Futures. These new contracts are listed on the Dutch (TTF), Austrian (CEGH) and German (THE) market areas and cash-settled against the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI). In doing so, EEX enabled its members to trade the price difference between the new Financial Gas Futures and existing highly liquid Financial Power Futures in dedicated Spark Spreads orderbooks with execution guarantees.


    In October 2021, the two gas market areas GASPOOL (GPL) and NetConnect Germany (NCG) merged into the new all-German market area Trading Hub Europe (THE). As the biggest trading platform for German gas, EEX has actively supported the merger since the very beginning in partnership with its customers.


    “The merger of the two German gas hubs into a common market area concluded a 2-year project where EEX teams brought their solid experience shaping the European gas market. The first winter of trading was very promising, proving THE has the potential to become one of the most attractive gas hubs in Europe”

    Aude Filippi 
    EEX | Business Development Director for Gas and Sustainability markets.


    “The decarbonisation of the shipping industry is a major challenge for the maritime sector with many questions still left unanswered. In launching the Zero Carbon Freight Index (ZCFI), EEX has moved the conversation forward by bringing a degree of certainty to the debate.” 

    Duncan Dunn 
    SSY Futures | Senior Director

    In July 2021, EEX launched the Zero Carbon Freight Index, which enables players to see, for the first time, how the cost of carbon emissions could affect freight prices in real terms. By referencing the ZCFI, market participants now have a new reference point, which they can use to calculate the cost of their carbon exposure, thereby giving a clearer, more indicative picture of their overall transportation cost.


    In 2021, Dry Bulk Freight, a key driver in the EEX Global Commodities portfolio, set a new all-time record, exceeding the 1 million lots threshold for the first time ever. This new milestone represents 5 years of organic and inorganic growth, further confirming EEX Group’s position as a major force in global freight trading


    “Since launching into the dry freight market in 2016, EEX has never lost sight of its ambition  - to become a serious contender. Over the past 6 years, they have continued to grow and develop their business, both organically and inorganically, achieving major gains in volume and market share. FIS sends the team our congratulations on hitting the 1 million lots milestone, and here’s to further growth and further milestone achievements in the future!”

    John Banaszkiewicz
    Freight Investor Services | CEO


    “A tight schedule for the start of nEHS put a lot of pressure on market participants last year. With Vattenfall providing access to various commodity and certificates markets, it was natural to offer for nEHS. Thanks to EEX for cooperating in setting up the intermediary scheme and making the launch of this important decarbonisation measure a success story.”

    Björn Schneegans 
    Vattenfall Energy Trading | Market Development Manager

    On 15th March 2021, European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) was awarded the contract for the sales of fuel emission allowances in the national Emissions Trading Scheme (nEHS) by the German Federal Environment Agency. All CO2-emitting fuels placed on the market are included in the nEHS. The instrument set a CO2 price for the heat and transport sectors at a national level for the first time. From 5th October, 2021 the first nEHS sale took place at EEX. Since then, a total of 287.4 million nEHS certificates have been sold.


    The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) has been in place since 2008. As part of greater policy reform, auctioning has been introduced as the default method for allocating New Zealand Units (NZUs) to market participants from 2021 onwards. A joint bid by the New Zealand Exchange (NZX) and EEX was selected by the NZ Government to develop and operate the managed auction service. While NZX hosts and operates all auction-related processes, EEX contributes the bidding and provides expert support.


    “The successful bid to the Ministry for the Environment showcased the value of bringing together the deep experience and capabilities of NZX and EEX to implement and operate a solution tailored to meet the needs of New Zealand and NZ ETS participants – and aligned with the design of other emissions markets globally.”

    Mark Peterson 
    NZX | Chief Executive Officer

    Agricultural Markets

    “At Tippagral we believe that enhanced price transparency can only help the development of market efficiency and improve our business decision making. We therefore fully support EEX in the launch of its innovative new EEX Weekly European Cheese Indices (WECI) and look forward to the new opportunities that this will bring.” 

    Oisin Morrin
    Tippagral SAS | General Manager

    In 2021, EEX launched new dairy indices – the “EEX Weekly European Cheese Indices” (WECI), which will bring further price transparency to the European dairy market. Published on Wednesdays and based upon price contributions from physical dairy market participants, these indices will cover four of the major European “commodity” cheeses: Cheddar Curd, Mild Cheddar, Young Gouda and Mozzarella.


    Market Data Services

    The EEX Transparency Platform continuously increases its coverage and offering in renewables. In 2021, we welcomed numerous new customers such as Eneco Group NV, a leading provider of sustainable energy. EEX contributes significantly to the transparency of renewables in the European energy markets.


    “Eneco is dedicated to creating a sustainable energy supply for its customers and to being fully transparent towards the market and its partners. Using the EEX platform, we have improved usability and transparency.” 

    Michel Klaasse
    Eneco | Head of Asset Control & Steering 

    “It is important to us to offer our services on digital platforms like InsightCommodity which reach out to new markets, connect with clients and create transparency.”

    Marc Huether
    energate  | CEO

    Digital marketplaces have become an essential part of our business lives. InsightCommodity brings together the experts in pre- and post-trading solutions for commodity markets. The community increased to 20 vendors covering essential topics of the industry, such as newsletters provided by our partner energate.


    Japan Power

    In May 2021, EEX marked its first anniversary in Japan Power Futures trading as the global market leader. Since launching in May 2020, EEX’s Japan Power product suite quickly established itself as the benchmark contract in Japanese Power trading, attracting a customer base both domestically in Japan and internationally around the world.


    “EEX has laid the ground to unlock the growth potential of the Japanese power market and the first year has clearly exceeded our expectation! We at Vattenfall are truly looking forward to the 2nd year!” 

    Marcus Bokermann
    Vattenfall | Director Continental Power Trading 

    “Congratulations EEX on your first anniversary of Japan Power trading! I remember the memorable moment of the first transaction as if it were just yesterday. I have the utmost respect for EEX for laying out the foundations of the Japanese power market with such impressive achievements, despite the on-going Corona pandemic. I’m looking forward to more players from Japan and abroad joining the EEX market in the future, and to seeing it grow as one of the largest power futures markets in the world.” 

    Ryuichi Sato
    Tohoku EPCO Energy Trading | General Manager Origination Dept. 

    “上場開始一周年おめでとうございます。 第1号取引の記念すべき瞬間を、昨日の事のように覚えています。 コロナ禍の難しい状況にもかかわらず、素晴らしい成果とともに 日本の電力市場に礎を築かれたことに敬意を表します。 今後も、日本の内外からより多くのプレーヤーがEEXに参加し、 世界有数の規模を誇る電力先物市場となることを期待しています。” 

    Ryuichi Sato
    Tohoku EPCO Energy Trading | General Manager Origination Dept. 


    In 2021, Grexel became the registry provider for the Hamburg Institute’s research project on marketing green district heating. The company started to operate the first-ever heating and cooling registry in Europe as part of a pilot project aiming to set up an integrated Guarantees of Origin system for heating and cooling but also biomethane, synthetic gases and hydrogen from renewable energy sources.


    “To enable the demand side to play a role in decarbonising heating grids, a credible, reliable system for tracking and disclosing the renewable origin of energy to consumers is a key component. In cooperation with Grexel, we are delighted to implement such a system with the IW3 registry for Heating Guarantees of Origin as a pilot project for Germany (funded by the BMWK as part of the IW3 Energy Transition Laboratory).” 

    Dr Alexandra Styles 
    Hamburg Institute | Senior Researcher