Our success is based strongly on our greatest asset, which are specialised, committed and engaged people working at EEX Group. Follow our colleagues to learn more on our projects and success we brought forward in 2020.

    Extending our power spot offering to the Nordics

    “We worked hard to extend our services to the Nordics, in a completely new legal and contractual setup. The opening of competition in power spot trading is a key breakthrough for the market and for EPEX SPOT. With the Nordic Multi-NEMO Agreement implemented, we can provide [the market/market participants] with wider trading opportunities [and clearing solutions] in the Nordics and across Europe.”

    Camille François | EPEX SPOT
    Senior Legal Counsel

    EPEX SPOT and ECC successfully launched Intraday & Day-Ahead markets in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This was enabled through the Nordic Multi-NEMO Arrangement – a milestone in the history of power exchanges.


    Successful launch of Japanese Power Futures

    In 2020, EEX achieved another major milestone with the launch of Japanese Power Futures - the first EEX power product specifically designed for the Asian market. Following a two-year period of close consultation with both Japanese and international stakeholders, EEX launched Trade Registration services for the Japanese Power Derivatives market on 18th May.


    “The successful launch of Japanese Power Futures is not only a major milestone for EEX, it is a testimonial to what we can achieve when we work together as an industry. A big thank you to our clients and partners in Japan and around the world for their trust and their support in building this market together.”

    Steffen Riediger | EEX
    Director Business Development | Power Derivatives & Global Commodity Markets

    #1 in U.S. Power Futures Open Interest

    “It has been wonderful to watch Nodal Exchange grow to become the leading power futures exchange in the U.S. this year. Nodal holds the majority of US power futures open interest with over 50% market share, and we expect continued growth in 2021. We are so grateful to our entire trading and clearing community for their support this year.”

    Nicole Ricard | Nodal Exchange
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Nodal Exchange had a very successful 2020 in the U.S. power futures markets achieving over 1 billion MWh of open interest.  This represents 11% growth from the prior year while the industry declined 1%.  Nodal now holds the majority of US power futures open interest with over 50% market share.


    European power derivatives exceed 4,000 TWh

    The European power derivatives markets increased by +19% and achieved a new all-time record in 2020. For the first time in our history, the volumes traded exceeded 4,000 TWh in a single year. While the German, French, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish Power Futures contributed the largest volume in absolute terms, the Belgian, GB and Nordic Power Futures reported the largest growth rates in 2020.



    “I’ve been accompanying this success story for over 16 years now. I’m very proud that we’ve been able to achieve a new trading record, even in this challenging year. It’s great to see that we could not just grow in our large markets, but reached a broad growth across our portfolio of 20 European market areas.”

    Tim Greenwood | EEX
    Managing Director Exchange

    Hungary – new liquidity hub in the CSEE region

    “I’m really proud that we’ve achieved record results in all product lines; however, the biggest achievement was represented by Hungarian power derivatives trading. This result was achieved by combining PXE’s knowledge of Central and Eastern European markets and market participants with EEX’s excellent relationship with inter-deal brokers and international market participants.”

    Dina Lašová | PXE
    Head of Sales and Customer Relations

    The Hungarian power market has become the fourth largest market in EEX’s power derivatives portfolio in 2020. EEX market participants traded a volume of 220 TWh which represents an impressive 77% growth. This success shows the power of local knowledge provided by PXE combined with the global technology and international client base of EEX.


    Record on the Czech Gas markets

    In 2020, the Czech Gas market operated by EEX and CEGH reached unprecedented volumes. Multiple records were hit on both the spot and derivatives markets, confirming the growing interest of market participants to trade in that region.


    “We achieved these great results on the Czech market thanks to the dedicated work of our local team. Putting our expertise in the service of our customers is the key to building a sustainable liquidity pool.”

    Gottfried Steiner | Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH)

    First European Guarantees of Origin (GO) market for Green Hydrogen

    “The hydrogen economy is still in its infancy and will play a growing role in the years to come. With CertifHy, we aim at establishing a sustainable and liquid Guarantees of Origin market for renewable and non-renewable hydrogen in Europe.”

    Marko Lehtovaara | Grexel

    Grexel has been appointed by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) as the operator and issuing body of the first European Guarantees of Origin (GO) market for Green Hydrogen, in the frame of the third phase of the CertifHy project.


    A record year for the Guarantees of Origin market

    In 2020, more than 1,590 TWh of Guarantees of Origin were moved in the registries of EEX Group, representing half of the total volume of GOs circulating in Europe. This interest in the GO scheme was notably strong in France, where almost 70% of the total French renewable production was certified through the EEX registry. 



    “Last year in France, Guarantees of Origin issuance rose sharply by 45%, reaching a new record volume of 82 TWh. This was mainly due to the issuance of GOs from power plants under additional remuneration or purchase obligation on the account of the French State.”

    Aude Filippi | EEX
    Director Gas and Sustainability markets

    No 1 in Dry Bulk Freight Open Interest worldwide

    “The achievements we made in 2020 are the result of four years of hard work, persistence and an unwavering belief that EEX would become a major force in global freight trading. In 2016, we had a vision. Four years later, that vision became reality. Thank you to everyone who helped get us there”.

    Richard Heath | EEX
    Head of Business Development – Global Commodities

    2020 was the year in which the EEX Global Commodities team realized two of its most important and long held ambitions. In April, EEX gained the majority share of open interest in the combined Dry Bulk Freight market. While in May, EEX became the global market leader in Dry Bulk Freight by gaining the majority share in both open interest and volume.


    2000th primary market auction

    “We are proud of being re-appointed as common EU auction platform. Our team is committed to continue delivering an outstanding auction service. For more than 10 years we built up expert knowledge in this field, and we’re excited to support global trading schemes worldwide, such as the emissions auctions in New Zealand.”

    André Tzschoppe | EEX
    Expert Environmental Markets

    EEX conducted the 2,000th primary market auction for emission allowances in November 2020 and has been re-appointed to host the EU common auction platform for a further five years.


    Broadest Environmental Futures & Options Offering in the World

    Nodal Exchange saw significant growth in the U.S. environmental markets in 2020. Nodal’s environmental futures open interest exceeded 87,500 lots at the end of the year, up 80% from 2019. Working in collaboration with IncubEx, Nodal expanded its product offering with new physically delivered futures and options for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), Low Carbon Fuel Credits (LCFS) and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) which are traded alongside carbon emission allowances for the North American markets.


    “Nodal Exchange launched 20 new environmental products and option products in 2020, raising the total to 82 which is the broadest suite of environmental commodity futures and options in the world. Sustainability is a global priority for us, and we are very proud to play a significant role in developing such important markets.”

    Christian Schneider | Nodal Exchange
    Managing Director Strategy

    Volume increase in Dairy Derivatives

    “We are very pleased with the development of the EEX dairy segment in 2020 which was driven by strong growth in our SMP futures volumes and an overall increase in the number of end customers. This is particularly remarkable given the challenges faced by the dairy value chain due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.”

    Sascha Siegel | EEX
    Head of Agricultural Commodities

    In 2020, the traded volume on the EEX dairy derivatives markets increased by 22% to 21,397 contracts (106,985 tonnes goods equivalent), in particular driven by a strong development in Skimmed Milk Powder Futures (+79%).


    Significant growth in cleared Power volumes

    ECC ensures clearing and settlement for all trades concluded or registered at EEX, EEX Asia and EPEX SPOT. In addition, it provides clearing services to further European partner exchanges. In 2020, the total power volume settled by ECC increased by 17% to more than 5,400 TWh.


    “Clearing is the backbone for all markets and products offered on our exchanges and ensures that each transaction is fulfilled with maximum efficiency and minimum risk. Customers can rely on ECC and our global network of more than 600 participants, clearing banks, TSOs and additional partners.”

    Susann Just-Marx | EEX
    Head of Sales Clearing

    One Year InsightCommodity

    “Participants active in the commodity markets need data and, increasingly, special data services and products. We launched InsightCommodity to support our customers and partners by giving them with the opportunity to promote their data-driven solutions to the market permanently and effectively.”  

    Erik Hanns | EEX
    Specialist Platform Solutions

    The marketplace for data-driven solutions in commodity & energy markets. It provides traders, analysts and other professionals with an overview of available products, services and suppliers. Launched in 2020, it now provides insights into 20 services from more than 10 vendors.


    EEX Transparency Platform accredited by ACER

    The EEX Transparency Platform belongs to the first REMIT Inside Information Platforms (IIP) which successfully completed the assessment by ACER. Market participants have now full certainty that their inside information under REMIT are disclosed effectively and timely on our platform.


    “I am very proud that we have been accredited by ACER as official Inside Information Platform (IIP). A big thank you to all our customers for your trust.“

    Sebastian Wykowski | EEX
    Head of Transparency Services

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