EEX Group realized
    many major ambitions in 2020

    „We reconfirmed our position as the number one exchange group in power trading worldwide, we retained our position as Europe’s leading gas spot exchange and became a major global force in freight trading. Most importantly, in a year when the entire world has had to adapt to working alongside a global pandemic, we were able to support our customers through this time of exceptional change.“

    Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX

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    Success Stories 2020

    Our greatest asset is undoubtedly the people that make up EEX Group. The Success Stories highlight their achievements throughout 2020.


    Sustainability at EEX Group

    We develop markets and products which support the energy transition and a sustainable economy.


    Financial Report

    2020 was a very successful year in which EEX Group posted new records across the majority of its energy and commodity portfolio.



    EEX Group will continue to build and develop markets together with our customers and partners with the ultimate goal of further growing liquidity across all markets and across all times zones.



    Power Achievements at EEX Group

    We’re very proud of confirming EEX Group’s position as the number one exchange group
    in power trading worldwide for the fourth consecutive year.


    Environmental Market Achievements at EEX Group

    We could further strengthen volumes in the European and North American environmental markets.


    Natural Gas Achievements at EEX Group

    We confirmed our position as leading natural gas spot exchange in Europe by
    increasing our market shares in the majority of our markets.


    Freight Achievements at EEX Group

    EEX Group’s Dry Bulk Freight business recorded its most successful year to date,
    achieving a new annual volume record of 789,921 lots which is more than ten times the volume of 2019.

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    EEX Group Companies

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    EPEX SPOT Annual Report 2020


    The heart of our business is to bring together supply and demand accross Europe.