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    „As EEX Group we are committed to providing our customers with tailor made solutions that help to shape the future. Our series of innovations is shaped by the major trends of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation, which will undoubtedly transform the energy markets of the future on a local, regional and global level. Two aspects which EEX Group is currently working on are the even more intelligent use of data and the emergence of technologies such as blockchain.“

    Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX

    EEX Group shapes the energy and commodity market of the future. A series of innovative projects meets the challenges and opportunites posed by decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation.


    The new central marketplace for data products and services in the field of commodity markets. InsightCommodity comprises numerous service offers for analytic solutions, processed raw data, the latest market news, consultancy services regarding trading and risk management as well as the procurement of power and natural gas both on and off the exchange.


    The B2B market place for Power & Gas enermaket is a joint venture of EEXinnogy and Süwag. It will offer smaller and medium sized enterprises a platform to compare offers from power and gas providers online through a quick and independent price comparison for their power and gas tariffs.


    The PXE procurement platform (PARC) offers municipalities auctions for Czech power and gas.


    EPEX SPOT an LO3 Energy develop solutions which connect local microgrids with the wholesale market using the blockchain technology.


    EEX Group develops new products that facilitate and enable the integration of renewables into the market which further promote decarbonisation. Examples are the launch of Cap Futures and Wind Power Futures in addition to a number of 15 minute contracts on the power spot market. Furthermore, Powernext operates the registry for Guarantess of Origin and of White Certificates in France.

    Global Commodities

    Having launched the Global Commodities business in 2014, EEX Group now provides services across three time zones and in various regulatory jurisdictions. The services are provided by EEX Groups Global Commodities arm EEX Asia in Singapore.


    The US based company Nodal is currently working on developing a market to list the first and only trucking freight futures and options on futures contracts.


    EPEX SPOT is part of the ENERA project, an initiative exploring the full potential of local flexibility markets, with around 30 partners coming from various sectors. The initiative aims at launching new locational order books in order to solve grid congestions. A market based congestion management mechanism is being devoloped which shall ease the growing tensions on the grid.


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    Read the press release "EEX Group unveils innovative solutions for energy and commodity markets against backdrop of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation" (issued 02/06/2018)


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