EEX Group Customer Survey

    Your Feedback is important to us! We would like to share some of the results of the 2019 member survey and inform you about the next steps EEX Group is taking on the feedback you gave us.

    General Satisfaction Level

    The overall satisfaction level with EEX Group, the quality of services and products improved compared to 2018. The proportion of traders who are generally happy with EEX improved by 33%.


    General Satisfaction Level

    Algo Trading

    More than one quarter of our gas trading survey participants use algos for trading.

    More algos are being used on the gas spot market than on the futures market. Some of our participants use inhouse algos but the majority uses external ones.


    EEX Group DataSource

    EEX Group has introduced various new market data services over the last months which provide real-time commodity and transparency data and analytical tools. Among them are a DesktopApp and an Excel Tool. An API has been already launched for transparency data.


    A relaunch of the websites of EEX Group, EEX and ECC is currently in preparation. It takes into account the feedback we have received from our customers. The websites will follow the same design, receive a new navigation and offer new search functionalities.


    Mobile Trading

    21% of our survey participants often use mobile trading applications. 17 % are allowed to execute trades using mobile applications. Did you know EEX offers a mobile application for the TT Screen?

    Guratantees of Origin

    Of all our survey participants, about 40% quite frequently trade GoOs.
    Would you like to know more about what EEX Group is doing in this regard?


    Participants state that clearing is growing in importance to their business.

    In 2019, ECC introduced the new Clearing GUI C7 providing state-of-the-art functionalities for position and transaction management to trading participants and clearing banks. Sounds interesting?

    EUA Secondary Market

    The number of active trading participants on the EEX EUA market is increasing. Compared to the 2018 survey, our traders are happier with the liquidity of the EEX secondary EUA market.

    If you want to know more about our EEX EUA market please get in touch with your Key Account Manager.

    Long Term Hedging

    According to our client responses, the need to long-term hedge is getting more important.

    Planned product extensions will enable long term hedging for German, Spanish and Italian Power.


    Thank You!

    Many thanks to all of you who took part for sharing your view on our products and services!

    Would you like to give feedback? Feel free to contact the Sales team at any time:

    Sales Team
    T +49 341 2156-555 – Leipzig
    T +44 207 862 7555 – London

    EEX Group will conduct the next Customer Survey at the end of 2020. All trading participants will receive an invite.