More than 450 employees work for EEX Group in 16 different locations. By joining us, you will become part of an international team with multiple career opportunities. Our customers include international companies operating in different energy and commodity markets - which EEX Group brings together.

We rely on a competent and dedicated team to continuously promote our products and services. Our employees’ qualifications and experience profiles are as diverse as our products and services. We believe that in addition to expertise and high performance levels, diversity is an important factor in success. 

Interested? We are looking forward to further developing our company with you.

Job Openings

2018/09/14Senior Controller / IT Controller (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/08/30Working Student Project Cost Controlling (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/08/21Senior Risk Operations Officer (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/08/21Employee Outsourcing & Contract Controlling (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/08/21Controller (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/08/08Working Student Internal Audit (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/08/08Working Student Accounting & Tax (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/08/08Working Student Controlling (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/08/08Working Student Market Data Services (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/08/03Member of Staff
Market Operations (f/m) (German)
European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/08/03Member of Staff Member Readiness - limited to 12 months (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/08/03Member of Staff Member Readiness (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/07/30Software Engineer (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeTysons Corner
2018/07/12Employee Risk Management | Default Management (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/07/12Employee Clearing & Settlement | Physical Settlement (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/07/12Employee IT-Operations (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/07/12Employee Testmanagement (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/07/12Expert Testmanagement (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/07/09Working Student/Intern Human Resources (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/07/03Analyst Business Technology (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeTysons Corner
2018/05/29Sales Assistant (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOT SEParis
2018/05/25Quantitive Analyst - Risk Controlling & Bank Compliance (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/05/25Working Student Physical Settlement (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/05/09Market Operations Manager (f/m) (English)Cleartrade Exchange Pte Ltd (CLTX)Singapore
2018/05/09Senior Quantitive Analyst (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/05/09Working Student IT Service Management (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
Settlement Officer (f/m) (German)
European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/04/01Legal Counsel (f/m) (English/French)EPEX SPOT SEParis
2018/03/01Business System Analyst - Continuous systems, Paris or Amsterdam (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOT SEParis or Amsterdam
2018/03/01Business System Analyst - Auction Systems (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOT SEParis or Amsterdam
2018/03/01Marketing Manager (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOT SEParis, London, Amsterdam or Leipzig
2018/03/01Project Manager / Product Owner (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOT SEParis or Amsterdam
2017/12/01Data Sales Manager (f/m) (English/German)EPEX SPOT SEflexible
2017/11/01Business System Analyst (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOT SEParis or Amsterdam
2017/10/01Market Operator (f/m) (English/Dutch)EPEX SPOT SEAmsterdam