More than 450 employees work for EEX Group in 15 different locations. By joining us, you will become part of an international team with multiple career opportunities. Our customers include international companies operating in different energy and commodity markets - which EEX Group brings together.

We rely on a competent and dedicated team to continuously promote our products and services. Our employees’ qualifications and experience profiles are as diverse as our products and services. We believe that in addition to expertise and high performance levels, diversity is an important factor in success. 

Interested? We are looking forward to further developing our company with you.

Job Openings

2017/09/20Working Student Member Readiness (f/m)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2017/09/12Working Student Human Resources (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/08/10Member of Staff Internal Audit (IT) (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2017/08/09Clearing Strategy & Business Development (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2017/08/09IT Development & Operations (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/21Member of Staff IT Operations (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/21IT Project Manager (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/21Expert IT Provider Management (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/21Working Student Project Management Office (f/m) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2017/07/21Working Student Office Management (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/21Intern Controlling (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/13Working Student / Intern Tax (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/13Public & Regulatory Affairs Officer (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOTAmsterdam, Brussels or Paris
2017/07/03Working Student Market Information Services - Transparency Services (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/07/03Business Analyst (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeWashington, D.C.
2017/07/03Staff Software Engineer (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeWashington, D.C.
2017/07/03Test Automation Engineer (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeWashington, D.C.
2017/07/03Techops Systems Administrator/Engineer (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeWashington, D.C.
2017/07/03Software Engineer (f/m) (English)Nodal ExchangeWashington, D.C.
2017/07/03Intern Internal/External Communication (f/m) (English/French)PowernextParis
2017/07/03Working Student Market Information Services - Compliance Services (f/m) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2017/17/06Intern Risk and Compliance (f/m) (French)PowernextParis
2017/15/06Senior Business Analyst (f/m) (German/English/French)EPEX SPOTParis
2017/10/06Market Operator (f/m) (English)EPEX SPOTAmsterdam
2017/06/06Member of Staff Agricultural Commodities (f/m) (English/ German)European Energy Exchange AGLondon/ Leipzig
2017/05/20Market Operations Manager (f/m) (English)Cleartrade ExchangeSingapore
2016/11/20IT Business Analyst (f/m) (English/French)PowernextParis